1. Choose a lesson

First, pick a business situation that interests you and click Start Lesson. To make the most of the course, choose lessons at the right level for you.

2. Take the lesson
Each Writing lesson has two parts:doneTraininganddone_allTask.

In the Training part, you look at specific language and writing skills to help you write more effectively. In the Task part, you write a new task in order to apply what you have learned in Training.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the Training part and 20 minutes to complete the Task part. You must complete both parts.

3. Send your task to your tutor

You can choose to send some of your tasks to your tutor for feedback. Your tutor will correct your writing and send you a detailed Task Feedback report with an overall score, comment and detailed corrections.

4. Share tasks in the Gallery

In the Gallery, you can see the tasks that both you and your classmates have written and rate the ones that you like.

Your Task appears in the Gallery when you have finished the lesson.

Reading your classmates' tasks shows you how well you are doing and helps you learn from other students.